Bringing in the Experts

Watch the activity overview video. This video shows staff facilitating the activity featured in the skill video.

As you watch the skill video below, think about these questions:

  • What does Andrea do to help introduce STEM role models?
  • How does this reinforce a STEM identity in youth?
  • How does this encourage all students can be contributors to STEM?
  • What does Andrea say that encourages a “real world” application for youth?
  • What are different strategies to connect STEM careers to activities in your program?
  • How could you use the strategies in the video in your program?

Now that you’ve watched the video, reflect on what you saw and post your responses.

  • What do you see the adults doing in this video? What are the youth doing?
  • It can be difficult getting guest speakers due to time, location, etc. What does the frontline staff do to alleviate that problem?
  • How could you stimulate interest in STEM careers by introducing positive STEM role models?
  • How could you change this activity to model better science safety practices?

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