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Teamwork in Cookie Design Packaging

Youth work in small teams to develop cookie packaging during an engineering activity in an afterschool program. See how the educator supports youth in working together as a team.

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Developing Engineering Identity While Designing Cookie Packaging

See how an experienced educator identifies and demonstrates explicit strategies to support youth in developing their identity as engineers during an engineering design activity where youth create packaging to keep cookies from being broken.

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Using Math in Cookie Package Design

This engineering activity integrates math into a cookie package design challenge. See how you can encourage youth to use their mathematical knowledge to inform their design decisions.

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Designing Unique Balloon-Powered Vehicles

Engineers think innovatively to envision multiple possible solutions to open-ended problems. Youth apply this practice as they design unique balloon-powered vehicles.

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Balance Criteria and Constraints that Require Trade-offs

Engineers make trade-offs to balance competing factors as they solve problems. As youth create enrichment toys for zoo animals, they balance the animals’ safety with keeping them engaged.

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Using Museum Experiences to Inform Marble Ramp Design

Youth explore hands-on museum exhibits to learn about force and motion and then apply their scientific knowledge as they engineer their own marble ramps.

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Designing Enrichment Toys for Zoo Animals

Engineers design solutions to specific, real-world problems. Sometimes these solutions involve a specific client or need. Here, youth design a toy to engage a particular zoo animal in play.

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Iteration with Balloon-Powered Vehicle

Engineers test their designs to see how well they work. Then they use their observations and data to test their design, then test it again. The educator in this video explains how to test balloon-powered cars and encourages youth to improve their designs.

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Engage in Iteration

See how youth test their packaging designs to see if they can protect an egg, and how Denise and Jaimie organize the activity to challenge them to improve designs.