Learning Activities

Use these engaging hands-on activities and resources to help youth develop an engineering mindset.


Novel Engineering

Use storybooks and non-fiction texts as contexts for engineering design challenges.

Male and female middle school students work on a project together in science class. A teacher is helping them.

Building a Grape Smasher

Work in a team to design a machine from simple supplies that can smash a grape.

Building for the Big One

Design a structure that can withstand the shaking of an earthquake and work as a team of scientists and engineers.

Egg Drop Activity

Use the engineering design process to design and build a package that will keep an egg from breaking.

Wind Tunnel

Use the engineering design process to design, test and redesign aerodynamic contraptions in a wind tunnel.

Water Filter

Practice using the engineering design process to design, build and test a water filter.

Design a Roller Coaster

Use your engineering skills to design and create a “loop-de-loop“ roller coaster that will take a marble for a ride.

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