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Engineering Design Challenge: Bear Chair

Apply the engineering design process as you design a chair for a favorite stuffed animal or toy.

Design a Roller Coaster

Use your engineering skills to design and create a “loop-de-loop“ roller coaster that will take a marble for a ride.

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Like A Real Engineer!

What happens when youth challenge a group of engineers to complete the STEM activity they did in their program? Listen as the engineers go through the same problem solving steps and align real-world engineering strategies to the challenge they have in building and designing vehicles.

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Presenting a Challenge

Watch as staff engage youth in an engineering design challenge to build their own roller coaster. Notice how staff connect the challenge to youth’s feelings and experiences with roller coasters.

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Linking My Experiences to Societal Needs

Watch as Gauri, the frontline staff member, helps the youth connect the activity to prior knowledge, experiences and societal needs and strategize how you might do this as well.

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Easy as a Pickle Sandwich

Participants will design a sandwich “protector” to learn how engineers use multiple practices to design solutions.

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Assessing Youth using Graphic Organizers

Participants will watch the Assessing Youth Using Sticky Notes video-based learning module and identify ways to use a stick note chart during STEM activities.

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Discussing Testing in the Design Process

Participants will do a chalk talk around engineering design and testing in order to incorporate thoughtful testing and local resources.