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Watching for Best Practices

Participants will compare a fact sheet with videos in Keeping Youth Interacting to see how facilitators encourage youth to collaborate

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Connecting to Prior Knowledge with an Idea Walk

Participants will do an idea walk in order to add more opportunities for youth to connect their prior knowledge to STEM activities.

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Strategies for Making All Youth Feel Included

Participants will view the DIVEE Video-Based Learning Module and identify strategies for facilitating inclusive learning experiences.

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Stories of Failure

Participants will identify their role and attitude towards failure and discuss strategies for creating an environment where failure feels okay.

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Assessing Youth using Graphic Organizers

Participants will watch the Assessing Youth Using Sticky Notes video-based learning module and identify ways to use a stick note chart during STEM activities.

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Discussing Testing in the Design Process

Participants will do a chalk talk around engineering design and testing in order to incorporate thoughtful testing and local resources.