Identify as Engineers

Learn how to support youth to envision themselves as possible future engineers by engaging them in meaningful engineering experiences.

students experiment with virtual reality goggles
Learning Blast

Learning Blast: Identify as Engineers

Help youth learn about engineering and see themselves as someone who can engineer solutions.


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“Watch experienced frontline staff members, Leslie and Shelly, use an engineering design challenge to help youth make a personal connection to Engineering.”

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Making Learning Fun

Youth look to you as an example of what they should do and how they should look at the world. Do you use the engineering practices and share your thought processes and reflections? Not sure how? Learn ways to model the engineering processes in your daily work.

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Trying out Career Roles

Watch as staff members Katie and Molly make connections to a variety of STEM Careers throughout the selected activity and explore strategies for strengthening your own practice in this area.

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Bringing in the Experts

Facilitators of STEM activities can help youth connect to STEM careers by providing opportunities to introduce STEM professionals to youth.

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Connecting Real-World Skills to Career Roles

Dagen connects the skills youth use with the career role they selected during the challenge.

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Teens Lead in 4-H Computer Science

4-H experiences help teens develop a wide variety of interests and skills, including leadership. These teen leaders use their skills to lead computer science experiences and build meaningful relationships and help young people see themselves as computer scientists.

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Explaining a Variety of STEM Careers

Dagen discusses the many careers that connect to the Incredible Wearables Challenge to expose youth to potential careers.

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Exploring a STEM Identity

Participants will develop strategies to support emerging STEM identities using the Building for the Big One activity.

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Developing Engineering Identity While Designing Cookie Packaging

See how an experienced educator identifies and demonstrates explicit strategies to support youth in developing their identity as engineers during an engineering design activity where youth create packaging to keep cookies from being broken.

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