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Balancing Criteria and Constraints

Engineering Design Challenge: Bear Chair

Apply the engineering design process as you design a chair for a favorite stuffed animal or toy.

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Balance Criteria and Constraints that Require Trade-offs

Engineers make trade-offs to balance competing factors as they solve problems. As youth create enrichment toys for zoo animals, they balance the animals’ safety with keeping them engaged.

Girl holding a designed container for an egg

Egg Drop Activity

Use the engineering design process to design and build a package that will keep an egg from breaking.

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Real-World Modeling of the Engineering Process

Youth are guided through an engineering challenge with real engineers, modeling the engineering process. Watch as the lead engineer encourages the youth to work through the challenge by using engineering practices.

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Design and Test

Participants will use “What-If” cards in order to help youth engage in engineering design practices like using criteria and constraints, facing a failed test, and redesign.