Evaluate and Iterate

Learn how and why engineers test their designs to see how well they work. They collect and analyze data to revise and improve solutions in an iterative process.

Learning Blast

Learning Blast: Evaluate Designs and Iterate

Coming Summer 2022


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Try & Try Again

Watch as Gauri works with youth to design, build and test a cook stove. Take note of how she encourages students to re-test or re-design their stove idea.

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Group Collaboration

Collaboration is an effective strategy to increase STEM learning especially when it happens during group work. Watch an experienced frontline staff member lead groups in the re-design process using group collaboration.

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Affirming Youth During Retesting

Watch as staff encourage youth to investigate how they designed their package, what did or didn’t work with their design, and how they might adapt for re-testing. Staff support youth’s abilities and encourage youth to work with their team and develop their own solutions for re-testing their designs.

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Where Are You Stuck?

Notice how the facilitator nudges learners to find their own solutions as they create the algorithms that control their agents in the virtual world.

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Design and Test

Participants will use “What-If” cards in order to help youth engage in engineering design practices like using criteria and constraints, facing a failed test, and redesign.

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Engage in Iteration

See how youth test their packaging designs to see if they can protect an egg, and how Denise and Jaimie organize the activity to challenge them to improve designs.

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