Work in Teams

Learn how engineers work together to bring a diversity of knowledge and perspectives to the problem. Communicating and negotiating effectively are important skills for teamwork.

Adult collaborating with three girls working together.
Learning Blast

Learning Blast: Work in Teams

Help youth develop the skills they need to work as part of an engineering team.


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Managing Conflict

Alex effectively resolves conflict between youth working on a team and helps them learn the skills to work together.

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Watching for Best Practices

Participants will compare a fact sheet with videos in Keeping Youth Interacting to see how facilitators encourage youth to collaborate

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Group Collaboration

Collaboration is an effective strategy to increase STEM learning especially when it happens during group work. Watch an experienced frontline staff member lead groups in the re-design process using group collaboration.

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Teamwork in Cookie Design Packaging

Youth work in small teams to develop cookie packaging during an engineering activity in an afterschool program. See how the educator supports youth in working together as a team.

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