Work in Teams

Learn how engineers work together to bring a diversity of knowledge and perspectives to the problem. Communicating and negotiating effectively are important skills for teamwork.

Learning Blast

Learning Blast: Work in Teams

Coming Fall 2022


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Managing Conflict

Alex effectively resolves conflict between youth working on a team and helps them learn the skills to work together.

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Keep Youth Interacting

STEM activities are engaging, interactive and hands on experiences for youth. But what happens when members of a group are not interacting? In this video, pay close attention to how the facilitators work with a group if members become disengaged. Listen to the supportive but firm voice of the adult, as she re-directs the group. Pay special attention to how staff listen, maintain a supportive attitude, and model effective collaboration skills.

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Building Relationships for STEM Learning

Watch as Jennifer uses strategies to support and encourage youth when working on an engineering design challenge. Listen as Jennifer shares an important element to group management involving building relationships around STEM learning based on mutual respect and support.

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Watching for Best Practices

Participants will compare a fact sheet with videos in Keeping Youth Interacting to see how facilitators encourage youth to collaborate

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