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Iterative process

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Engineering Design Challenge: Bear Chair

Apply the engineering design process as you design a chair for a favorite stuffed animal or toy.

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Iteration with Balloon-Powered Vehicle

Engineers test their designs to see how well they work. Then they use their observations and data to test their design, then test it again. The educator in this video explains how to test balloon-powered cars and encourages youth to improve their designs.

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Engage in Iteration

See how youth test their packaging designs to see if they can protect an egg, and how Denise and Jaimie organize the activity to challenge them to improve designs.

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Keep Youth Interacting

STEM activities are engaging, interactive and hands on experiences for youth. But what happens when members of a group are not interacting? In this video, pay close attention to how the facilitators work with a group if members become disengaged. Listen to the supportive but firm voice of the adult, as she re-directs the group. Pay special attention to how staff listen, maintain a supportive attitude, and model effective collaboration skills.

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Testing Predictions Using Models

Lynn presents a problem she’s observed and asks students to model their thinking.

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Developing an Active STEM Learning Environment

Participants will compare Glurch and Oobleck to learn how to engage youth in active learning.

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Using Models

Participants will demonstrate the importance of models when trying to answer questions, draw conclusions and develop solutions in engineering.