Equitable and Inclusive Learning Spaces

Providing youth with learning spaces and activities that represent them and their experiences is critical in supporting their engineering learning. How do we engage and nurture youth’s interest in engineering, particularly those who have had limited opportunities thus far: learners in poverty, learners of color, learners in rural areas, and learners who identify as girls. 


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Including All Learners

The facilitator adapts an activity to include strategies that support the unique needs of his audience which includes English language learners.

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Keeping the Group Focused

Watch as Denise and Jaimie use affirming statements with youth to reinforce positive behavior during the STEM activity. You will hear staff using attention-grabbing call-response phrases that require youth interaction, in order to keep the group working together.

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Lemond uses an acronym, DIVEE, and rhythm to make the engineering design process more accessible to youth.

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Creating Learning Environments for Computer Science

Notice how the facilitators change the room they are using to create a computer science Learning Environment.

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Understanding Your Audience Needs

Watch and listen as Jean discusses the importance of understanding the needs of both your staff and youth when evaluating materials and resources for STEM learning. Pay close to attention to strategies she uses to set everyone up for success.

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Strategies for Making All Youth Feel Included

Participants will view the DIVEE Video-Based Learning Module and identify strategies for facilitating inclusive learning experiences.

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Confronting My Own Biases

Participants will take a Project Implicit test in order to reflect on the needs of nondominant youth in their program.

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Building Relationships for STEM Learning

Watch as Jennifer uses strategies to support and encourage youth when working on an engineering design challenge. Listen as Jennifer shares an important element to group management involving building relationships around STEM learning based on mutual respect and support.

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Watching for Best Practices

Participants will compare a fact sheet with videos in Keeping Youth Interacting to see how facilitators encourage youth to collaborate

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