Unboxing Click2Engineering

July 25, 2022

Click2Engineering offers free professional learning resources to help afterschool and other out-of-school-time educators learn more about engineering and to lead great engineering activities with youth. This “unboxing” webinar reveals the stories and collaborations behind the project along with some of the great features from the new site and it can help you transform how youth in your program learn about engineering. You will discover more about engineering in this video.

Merredith Portsmore, the Director of the Center of Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts University talks about her career working in engineering education (starts at 10 minutes into video).  She describes a meaningful engineering learning experience look like and how to support adults in learning about engineering so that they can work with kids.

Dr. Christine Cunningham, from Penn State University and founding director of Youth Engineering Solutions, talks about her work in science education, and how she came to focus on engineering and developing an engineering mindset (starts at 27 minutes into video).  She shares her ideas about how afterschool programs can transform what youth learn about engineering.

The Click2Engineering team share different ways out-of-school-time programs can use resources on the web site to train staff and build a stronger program (starts at 47 minutes into video).  Learn how to develop, engage and engineering a better afterschool program.